Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bike Pants (Redux)

A quick link to those who still aren't convinced about bike helmets (probably no one I know). Be forewarned, there's a pic that's not for the faint of stomach.

And now... the bike pants. It seems that the advice I've gotten has fallen into two pretty distinct categories. The first, in which are all of the women in my life, warns me to stay far far away from biking knickers. My dear sister reports that she was rolling on the floor laughing out lout (ROFLOL in web lingo) when she thought about me wearing them. On the other hand, several of my engineering-type biker buddies think they're cool, especially with the hand made, organic sheep pedigree that the particular pair I showed held.

So I'll admit that the pair I showcased was a little clingy and hales from last century, but how about these, recently purchased by a buddy of mine who was gracious enough to model them for me and send pictures (with his head conveniently out of the picture). Could those of you in the "far far away" camp possibly endorse something more like this? At least while I'm still in school? At night?


Em.Fehrenbach said...

much better, Tim... those at least look sporty. :D

Jenny said...

Way better than the last ones.

I'm curious as to what Hannah said when she saw the photo of the last pair. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall during that convo. ;)