Sunday, January 6, 2008

Into the Wild Blue Wonder

So I'm going to take a crack at the blogging thing. I've actually been toying with the idea for a long time and finally got around to it tonight after a mild revelation. I was out back watching my three beautiful children play on their tire swing. Ian, my oldest, was going crazy with a new name he made up for his youngest disciple, er, I mean sister. "Chubby Grum-Grum!" he shouted at the top of his seven-year-old lungs. Not long afterward, he brought out a pair of underwear for her to put on as a hat, which she thought was just great! Not long afterward, sister number one was asking for a pair and chiming in with her version "Chubby gwum gwum!" Then it finally dawned on me. I'm guilty way the heck too often, of taking myself way too seriously. I don't know why that motivated me to finally start a blog, but for some reason, it occurred to me that one big hurdle has been to think of an appropriate name. The fact is I've been in serious danger of taking myself too seriously and spending more time that I should toying around with variations on a theme of "Biking for World Peace" or "Angry Biker Grad."
Hence "Chubby Grum Grum" in honor of my otherwise beautifully named Caroline Sophia, lest I lose perspective.

Now let's see if I can post three times a week...


Louisa said...

I love it!!

welcome aboard :)

Jenny said...

Oh, Tim's a blogger! Going to add you to my blogroll right away. :)