Thursday, April 3, 2008

Commuter Racing

See!!?? I'm not alone. Here's an excerpt from a guest post at Bike
It’s often referred to as “commuter racing” or the “great race”, but it’s seldom talked about openly (the first rule of commuter racing is, of course, that you don’t talk about commuter racing). And one of the first things you’ll find out when you start bike commuting is, everyone does it but few people admit it.
 I know a number of singlespeed mountain bikers who dedicate their commuting lives to overtaking riders on geared bikes. You, the guy with the beard riding a vintage 70s touring bike you’ve owned from new - you’re telling me that you don’t get a buzz from passing a 20-something on $4k of carbon fibre?
No-one’s immune.
Apparently, I've violated the first rule of bike commuter racing, but so did he, so I'm not too worried.


Anonymous said...

If you wanted to go even faster, you could get a car

Tim said...

Back! Troll, and begone!