Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Escalade Hybrid ??!!

Will somebody please explain this vehicle to me? I just don't understand the buyer who would fall for this automotive equivalent of the triple-cheeseburger, chocolate shake, biggie fries, with a diet coke. Conspicuous but conscientious consumption?! Is such a thing possible? There is a close second in absurdity in the Escalade EXT luxo-sport-truck.
I think the owner is trying to say, "I have style and am very high class, but I want you to think that I can do useful things with my truck or escape to the great outdoors, but I can't possibly afford to scratch the $1000 white-diamond tri-coat paint." I'm a cowboy, but I'm an urbanite? Does this make sense to anyone? If you get the marketing dynamic, please post and help us all out...
This is no small part of the reason I felt I had to leave the automotive world I was in, but more on that later.


Jenny said...

I'm with you...but honestly I think this type of crazy logic is one of the reason GM is not too successful these days!

Tracee said...

and now the government is working on a bailout for them too!! ACK!