Friday, February 15, 2008

The View From Up Here

I think I may have reached the dizzy height of nerd-splendor today in the gas dynamics class when I actually understood Dr. Varghese when he said "This is a five-dimensional hyper-spatial surface subset of our eight-dimensional space." Here are the accompanying equations:

In case you care, this is the development of the distribution of molecular velocities based on intermolecular collision mechanics. Sounds esoteric, but your life depends upon it.
So why am I posting this on my blog? Why would anyone care? In the spirit of Chubby Grum Grum, I'm attempting to at least publicly acknowledge my innate nerdiness and make peace with it, to not take myself too seriously, and to join with you all in a good hearty laugh at the joy I experienced today in wrapping my mind around five-dimensional hyper-spatial surfaces. All together now, ROTFLOL!

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Jenny said...

Ah...from one nerd to another, I congratulate you on your 5 dimensional awareness. ;)